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Measuring Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Posted by Bridget Donbavand on

If you're opting for DIY solution to updating your kitchen by replacing your cabinet doors, it can seem a little daunting but getting the measurements right doesn't need to cause headaches!

To help you get the measuring part right we have a couple of tips and a handy diagram which will help you along the way. 

To measure cabinet doors accurately, you will need a retractable measuring tape and pen and paper. To obtain the correct the sizes of doors you should always measure the reverse of your existing doors in millimetres (mm). This is because some kitchen doors may have bevel or slight 'pencil round' edge to the front which could affect the measurement you take, so it's best to measure from the reverse.

Measuring Kitchen Cabinet Doors

As industry standard, cabinet doors will need to be slightly smaller than the cabinet to which they will be fitted. This is to allow a clearance for the doors so that they will open and close correctly. The same will apply to drawer fronts.

As an example, if your cabinet measures 720mm high x 400mm wide, you will require a door measuring 715mm x 396mm. 

Once you have measured all your kitchen doors and drawer fronts, listed them and double checked them, you will be ready to order your new cabinet doors online.

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