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How to reface your kitchen stress free with Just Click Kitchens

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How to reface your kitchen stress free with Just Click Kitchens

Choosing new replacement kitchen door fronts doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect and many people think it is a bigger job to undertake than it actually is. Here at Just Click Kitchen we specialise in replacement kitchen doors and drawer fronts and offer one of the largest ranges of made to measure kitchen doors on the market. In this article we’ll explain how simple it is to replace your kitchen doors and drawers to reface your kitchen.

What to do:

Stage 1: Have a look at what kitchen ranges you like. Think carefully and explore all different kitchen ranges, colours and designs before deciding on a range you’d like to go for. At Just Click Kitchens we always recommend ordering sample doors before ordering your kitchen. If you narrow it down to a few ranges, maybe 2-3 and decide on a colour theme such as light colours you could order, white, cream and maybe a light grey in a matt or a high gloss finish. Whichever you choose. Order your sample doors and whilst you’re waiting for them to arrive you can begin to measure your existing kitchen.

Stage 2: Measuring your kitchen doors can be a little bit daunting and if you’re unsure how to do this then we’d recommend hiring a professional kitchen fitter or joiner to help you out with this. If you choose to measure your kitchen yourself, we’ll explain how to do this. Firstly, get a pen and paper and a tape measure and begin measuring each door and drawer front individually in millimeters to be most accurate. Starting with the quantity, height and then width. ALWAYS measure your existing doors and drawer fronts from the back of the door on the flattest side. You should find that most of your doors and drawer fronts are standard sizes but on older kitchen cabinets and those that were a little more bespoke you will find that your doors may not be standard sizes. Don’t worry if this is the case as we offer most of our ranges in made to measure sizes at Just Click Kitchens. Have a look for the tab below on the kitchen door pages to see if the range is made to measure. 

Made to Measure Kitchen Doors

Start making a list and make your way around the kitchen. Don’t forget your end panels, cornice (above wall units) and plinths (below base units). You will find that standard sized end panels are bigger than what you may have in your kitchen and this is because end panels need to be scribed when fitting. So always choose your kitchen end panels by the next size up. NEVER go down. If you’d like your doors pre drilled for hinges we’ll need to know the hinge position from the top and bottom of the door to the centre of the hinge hole. We’ve added our handy guide below to show how to do this. ALWAYS remove your existing kitchen doors to get accurate measurements and never second guess the position of your hinges.

Kitchen Door Hinge Drilling Guide

Stage 3: Once your sample doors have arrived and you’ve chosen the kitchen range you’d like, visit our website and start to add the items to the basket using the drop down menu on every door and drawer page. Most standard sizes are available on our website but if you find that the doors and drawers you have aren’t standard sizes and you see the sign below showing that this range is made to measure then please contact us and request a quote.

Stage 4: At this stage you will have either priced your new replacement kitchen doors and drawers yourself or we will have provided a quote for you. Before proceeding any further we recommend that you check your sizes again. Go over each door and measure again and even make a new list and compare with the original list you have. As they say in the joinery world “Measure twice, cut once” and this is very true when it comes to kitchens. Once you are happy with the sizes and you’re ready to go ahead with your new kitchen you can either place your order online or contact us if we’ve provided a quote to say that you’re ready to go ahead and we’ll put your order together for you. We're always here to help.

Stage 5: Sit back and relax and we’ll deliver your new kitchen doors and drawer fronts direct to you. Once your new, replacement kitchen doors have arrived you can hire a local fitter or choose to fit the doors yourself.

Stage 6: Enjoy your new kitchen from Just Click Kitchens.

New Rothwell Light Grey Handleless Kitchen

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