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Small kitchens don’t have to be crowded to be practical spaces

Posted by Dan Foster on

Designing a kitchen can often be a daunting task. Deciding how you want the space to work not only for practicality but also for aesthetics can create conflict when designing your kitchen.

Layout is key, a few things to consider is how you want the space to work for you, wether you have a small space to work with or a larger space it is possible to make the room work to your requirements. Keeping the kitchen space clutter free but also practical is important. Small rooms don’t necessarily mean you have to settle for a cluttered kitchen, designing a space that works for everyone in the home is important. Many choose to opt for open plan living and gone are the days of the kitchens being used solely as a room to prepare meals, a kitchen has evolved as it were over time and is now a social part of the home. With open plan living becoming more popular many choose to incorporate the dining area within the kitchen and create a flowing space from dining to cooking which is becoming increasingly popular for those who like to socialize with friends and family at home.

So, what about smaller kitchens. A small space doesn’t mean it has to be a cluttered and cramped kitchen. Start with the room size, plan out from the sizes available. Higher ceilings most often found in older properties can always be an advantage in a small kitchen, think upwards. If you think of it like a city, when space is at a premium we build upwards and when space is at a premium it seems to the only suitable solution. It’s no different with a small kitchen. Where ceiling height is taller than average, top boxes on top of tall larder and tall appliance units can add some much needed additional storage above head height. Most kitchens now incorporate pullout storage, in space that would have once been lost in the kitchen you can reclaim a lot of space with wirework pullouts.

Our Snello Libell 150mm wirework pullouts can provide much needed storage in a space that would otherwise have been lost. Wirework storage pullouts can be fitted to most standard sized units and reclaim space that would otherwise have been lost and in a small kitchen, using all the space available is important when space is at a premium. 

Snello 150mm W Kitchen Pullout Storage Snello Libell Soft Close Kitchen Wirework Pullout Kitchen Storage

The kitchen is fast becoming the hub of the home, in the fast-paced world we now live in, its important to create a space that works for you. It can be difficult to decide what kitchens appliances you need, start with a list, write down the essential appliances that you need in your kitchen, then decide what additional appliances you may need, microwave, coffee maker, dishwasher and start to design the space around your appliances. Small spaces don’t have to have limited appliances, think practically, change the plans, move the design around until you settle with one that you’re happy with and go with it.

No matter what the size of your kitchen it’s about creating something that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also creating a space that is both practical and function for the modern family.

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