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Converting old sized kitchen doors and drawers to new standard sizes

Posted by Dan Foster on

Converting old kitchen doors and drawers into the new sizes can be a difficult task. A number of years ago, the kitchen industry's standard sizes for doors and drawers changed. Nearly every kitchen installed today will be to the new specifications but there are still those who will find they have the older sizes before the main conversion. 

Replacing your kitchen doors and drawer fronts shouldn't be a difficult task and that's why we've put together this article for you to understand and convert your existing kitchen door and drawer front sizes to the new sizes. The change and shift from the old sizes in kitchen doors and drawer fronts came shortly after the U.K changed from Imperial to Metric sizes and whilst this happened in 1970's it took a while for the new sizes and conversion to Metric sizes in the kitchen industry happened.

We have created a chart as shown below to see how your old sizes will convert over to the new measurements. Whilst this should be used as a guide, if you find you have older kitchen cabinets that relate to the old sizes of doors and drawers, we also offer and manufacture many made to measure replacement kitchen doors and drawer sizes to suit a range of different cabinet sizes. Have a look here at our latest range of replacement kitchen doors which can be manufactured to suit both old and new kitchen sizes.

Old kitchen Door and Drawer Front Sizes Converted to New Kitchen Sizes



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