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Have vinyl kitchens had their day? Think again.

Posted by Dan Foster on

We've all heard of vinyl kitchens. They've been around since the early 90's and as fashions and tastes change, things go out and come back in before most of us even realise. Vinyl kitchens never really went out of fashion, whilst some colours, shades and tones have long since gone, the vinyl kitchen itself has stayed around.

Long gone are the simple, light grain wood vinyls as the only choice of colour, it was a little like the first Ford car, you can have any colour as long as its black. Vinyl kitchens are now available in hundreds of colours, from the contemporary matt finishes which are growing ever more popular to the more traditional wood grain tones. 

Avola Cream Avola Flint Grey Knebworth KitchenOakgrain Mussel Palermo kitchen

So are there any benefits to choosing a vinyl kitchen? You bet. With the abundance of colours and tones available, so are the styles, some choose to play it safe and choose a plain slab design, the simple the better. However there are many different styles to choose from, a popular design today is the handleless vinyl kitchen, again, simple in design but uncluttered from handles with a simple integrated handle, grooved into the top of the door. 

The added benefit of a vinyl kitchen is the ease to clean, greasy finger prints, oil spills when cooking, lets face it, we all need a kitchen that can stand up to being, well, a kitchen and the vinyl kitchen doesn't disappoint. It has to be a working environment, a place of creativity, culinary delights and culinary disasters, but we all need a kitchen to look aesthetically pleasing and not panic at the first greasy mark on our doors. With vinyl, you don't have to worry, with a vinyl coating, it can simply be wiped clean. No mess, no fuss, no panic, a kitchen you can keep clean. 

So if you thought that vinyl kitchens may have had their day, they haven't, they're here to stay. With more and more colour choices on the market and a wide choice of door styles, you can be as creative as you like choosing your vinyl kitchen and that's before you've started getting creative with your cooking.

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