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Shaker Kitchen Doors

Shaker kitchen doors from Just Click Kitchens. The classic shaker style kitchen will never date. Shaker style kitchen doors truly stand the test of time and lend themselves well to both modern and traditional look kitchens. Our range of shaker kitchen doors and drawer fronts have been carefully selected to give a wide choice to enable you to create the stunning Shaker kitchen of your dreams. From natural Oak grain shaker doors, to classic white, on trend grey and even shaker doors you can paint yourself in a colour of your choice, there's a shaker cabinet door choice to suit all tastes, whether you prefer the contemporary look or the country farmhouse feel.
The Shaker style imitates the traditional five piece door but as kitchens have generally moved on, we aim to provide the same look of the old five piece kitchen door in modern and on trend finishes from our Wilton Graphite Shaker in dark grey to our contemporary high gloss Ludlow Shaker in cream high gloss. The Shaker style kitchen is a timeless classic, revolutionised in new finishes and textures to give you your dream kitchen.